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    Warranty Detials

    • Duration: The warranty will specify the length of time during which the manufacturer or retailer will repair or replace the appliance free of charge. If it malfunctions due to defects in materials or workmanship. Standard warranties.
    • Television: 1 year
    • Cooler: 1 year
    • Washing Machine:
      • Semi-Automatic - 2 years + 3 years for wash motor.
      • Fully-Automatic - 2 years + 3 years for motor.
    • Air Conditioner: 1 year and 10 years for compressor. 
    • Coverage: The warranty will outline what types of issues are covered. This includes defects in materials or workmanship (manufacturing or any part issue) but may exclude damage, burnt or dust caused by misuse, accidents, environment or natural disasters. Wear and tear over time may also not be covered.
    • Registration: Register your appliance within a certain timeframe of 1 month of purchase to activate the warranty coverage. Failure to register within this period could void your warranty.
    • Proof of Purchase: You will likely need to provide proof of purchase, such as an invoice (bill) or order confirmation, to make a warranty claim. This helps verify that the appliance is within the warranty period.
    • Authorized Service Providers: The warranty specify that repairs or replacements will be performed by authorized service providers (only) to maintain the warranty coverage. Attempting repairs yourself or using unauthorized service providers may void the warranty.
    • Exclusions: The warranty list specific items or circumstances that are not covered. This could include accessories, consumable parts, or damage caused by maintenance.
    • Transferability: We do not have any transferable to subsequent owners, if the appliance is sold or transferred. You can apply or claim only with the original Proof of Purchase (The First authorized purchase Bill).
    • Claims Process: You may claim your warranty to us by sharing Proof of Purchase (PDF or Image).

    You can reach us through:

    • Email
    • Toll-free
    • Online - Website Chats

    It's important to carefully read and understand the warranty conditions provided with your appliance to know your rights and responsibilities regarding warranty coverage. If you have any questions or concerns about the warranty, you can contact the manufacturer or retailer for clarification.